Why There’s More to Being a Stripper Than You Think

A lot of people are convinced that being a stripper is just a quick and simple way to make money. They think that professional strippers turn up, take their clothes off, blow the audience a playful kiss and then they’re on their way. But actually, the misconception that working as a stripper is ‘easy’ couldn’t be further than the truth.

Don’t get me wrong, working in the industry is SO much fun – and we know this first hand because we’ve been running our entertainment agency since 2003. All good strippers love their job (and don’t worry - we only ever work with the best in the business). No event is ever the same, and our entertainers get the chance to make fantastic memories for people while they’re enjoying a unique birthday, hen party, stag do, or whatever else they’re celebrating.

Stripping is flirty, it’s exciting, and professional strippers find it really rewarding when they see the joy (and sometimes surprise!) on guests’ faces when they’re performing their routine. Plus, there’s plenty of money to be made if they are willing to work hard and develop a great reputation for themselves.

What makes a GREAT stripper?
What you may not know, however, is that you need to be a real people person to make it as a stripper who receives great feedback and a lot of referrals. Anyone can perform a striptease and get paid for their time, but working out exactly what the audience wants from the show is a skill in itself – and it’s this that sets the great strippers apart from the run-of-the-mill strippers.

Entertainers need to not only work the room, but read it. They need to pick up on their clients’ subtle body language to work out what they’re comfortable with and what will push them too far. They need to know when to go wild, and when to pull it back. Strippers need to be naturally intuitive and able to adapt their service to meet the needs of people of all ages, tastes and preferences. Catering for everyone is certainly no mean feat.

As well as the psychological side of things, strippers need to physically look their best if they want to be chosen for events. They need to spend hours honing their bodies at the gym, and they need to make sure they’re perfectly groomed whenever they turn up to an engagement. This sounds like a full-time job in itself, right?

And on top of reading clients’ minds and attending gruelling gym classes several times a week, strippers need to be really creative. They need to come up with routines that are going to knock their clients’ socks off, and the only way they’re going to do this is by putting together a show that’s totally different from anything else on the market. A great deal of research and preparation goes into choreographing a performance and strippers will spend hours and hours perfecting their show to make sure it’s memorable (for all the right reasons, of course).

So next time you enjoy an incredible performance from one of our talented strippers, remember that their talent goes beyond simply looking sexy. They make it their mission to deliver the best experience and they’ve put a lot of time and energy into making your night truly special!

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