The Many Ways To Spice Up A Hen Party

A friend is about to tie the knot, which means she’s soon going to miss out on a lot of fun and exciting stuff that single ladies are allowed to enjoy, which includes watching male strippers crank up the heat. If your friend isn’t into adult entertainment, all the more reason to make her days, or nights, as a single woman more memorable than ever.

How do you organize the best hen party?
Start by deciding whether to get the “hen’s” opinion or keep her out of the loop. Although it’s going to be her party and you don’t want to do something she’ll be uncomfortable with, her ideas might not be as fun. If she seems unsure of what she wants herself, count yourself lucky. With you in control, you can go crazy with the party planning, with hiring a male stripper and naked butlers on top of your must-do list. Once it’s decided that the party will be a surprise, work out the important details.

The Date
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The budget
Be very clear on how much is needed to pull everything off and whether or not the guests have to chip in. You can also offer to pay for the venue, food and the first round of drinks, but nothing else. If it’s going to be a group effort, consider those whom you know are on a low budget. To ensure that you don’t overspend, make a list of everything that needs to be paid for and corresponding estimates. Make sure to take into account other extras, such as the kissogram that you really want to hire for the future missus.

The Venue
There are plenty of factors that influence your choice of venue, but the most important is the kind of activities that you have in mind. If naked waiters are a must-have, somewhere private is a great idea. Make sure there’s enough room for people to move around, or for a DJ to set up, if you decide to hire one.

You should also look into accessibility. Is it going to be a long drive, with several options for transportation? If an open bar is part of the menu, you might want to provide accommodation, especially if the venue is out of the way.

The Entertainment Now for the best part — entertainment. Your choice is endless, from normal to kinky. A hen night doesn’t necessarily require strippers, but it won’t be a wild night without them. So make sure you hire a couple or more. You can also look into other options for adult entertainment, including live drawings. Doing nude paintings aren’t for art students and painters alone. Guests in a hen party can also participate in this kind of activity by hiring live drawing services. Get a chance to discover your creative side with a sexy male model to inspire you.

With all this considered, you’ll treat your friend to the best hen party ever. For help with the adult entertainment, hire specialists of hen and stag parties to do the leg work on your behalf. With everything set, you can then raise guests’ interests and curiosity by sending out invitations with hints of what they can expect from the special event.

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